Hi! I'm Callie. 

You may know me as Crochet It Ain't So or Crafting Callie... or if you're my mom, Biscuit. And now, officially, as of December 2022, The Morning Crafter.

I have been crafting since I was a kid, and learned to crochet at the ripe age of five. My mom wanted to teach me, and our first project was a scarf. Well, in true beginner crochet, said scarf turned out looking more like a pennant. 

But ever since that moment, I was hooked... literally. Crochet has always been the craft that I've gravitated back to throughout my life. A dabble into sewing? Back to crochet. A few years at craft fairs with my subversive embroidery? Back to crochet. Pandemic keeping us in our homes? Back to crochet.

In 2020, during yet another stint of crochet fixation, I wanted to try my hand at pattern writing. Pulling in my, sometimes questionable, sense of humor, I made my first ever Fuck pillow. 

And then, a week later, I made yet another pillow. And another. And another. Over the course of a year, I released 50 crochet patterns to my Etsy shop. My TikTok was gaining traction, and it seemed that people (well, most people) liked bringing in the non-traditional to a "granny craft." 

That brings us to present day, to this little bio you're reading right now. I started a website and brand (The Morning Crafter), launched a YouTube, and kept the social media fun going. 

My future plans are always fluid, but I hope to open a local yarn store in our town- Dunedin, Florida- to host sip n' stitch nights, provide a place for people of all ages to come craft, and sell and support local fiber artists. 

I'm so glad you're here on this journey with me! Let's see what else we can craft together!